This game is rigged.

Bodie Broadus - The Wire - “Final Grades”

This was really the only thought crossing my mind after hearing the news that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had easily avoided being recalled. The Center for Public Integrity analyzed the fundraising totals:


How do you get your message out when the campaign finance numbers look like that? In what universe is that a fair fight?

Big picture: Yes, recall elections are strange and not usually predictive. And no, this doesn’t mean Obama and Democrats are doomed in the state in November. The exit polls (admittedly not always reliable) actually had voters who went to the polls today supporting Obama, 52-43.

But I don’t know how anyone could look at that graphic and not be concerned about the ability of Democrats to win elections in a world in which they will consistently outspent. Again: thanks a bunch, Supreme Court.

Bad election nights suck most when they’re happening. I get that. But the now inevitable acceleration of the labor movement’s decline hurts on a deeper level. Put simply: tonight was one of those nights when I questioned whether liberals would win the war.  

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